Purpose Of Accounting- Important Information About Cost Accounting Standards

Published: 04th April 2009
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Comparison of the sales prices for Mug's grass seed with what MAG had to pay for it showed a 20 percent decline in gross profit margin (sales - cost of goods sold = gross margin). The solution was to dock sales commissions for the amount under the company's list price. Profits miraculously rebounded. Was the language the accounting system used to describe these two problems foreign? No. Was the solution a great mystery? Again, no. For TDO, the answer was simply to collect receivables faster. The accounting system identified the delinquent customers. For MAG, the answer was to raise prices. Once again, the accounting system showed which products and salespeople weren't following company policy.

We'll always check to be sure that the balance of the sub ledger exactly equals the account balance for that sub ledger account in the G/L. If it doesn't, then there's a problem.

Sales, the sales figure represents the amount of revenue generated by the business. The amount recorded here are the total sales, less any product returns or sales discounts. Cost of goods sold, this number represents the costs directly associated with making or acquiring your products. Costs include materials purchased from outside suppliers used in the manufacture of your product, as well as any internal expenses directly expended in the manufacturing process.

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Current assets is any assets that can be easily converted into cash within one calendar year. Examples of current assets would be checking or money market accounts, accounts receivable, and notes receivable that are due within one year's time.

Inventory accounting may sound like a huge undertaking but in reality, it is quite straightforward and easy to understand. You start with the inventory you have been on hand. No matter when you sell a product, the value of your inventory will remain constant based on accepted and rational methods of inventory accounting. Those methods include weighted average, first in/first out, and last in/first out.

Most accountants and auditors usually work a standard 40-hour week, but much work longer hours, particularly if they are self-employed and have numerous clients. Tax specialists often work long hours during the tax season. Most accountant and auditor positions require at least a bachelor's degree in accounting or a related field. Beginning accounting and auditing positions in the Federal Government, for example, usually require 4 years of college (including 24 semester hours in accounting or auditing) or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Some employers prefer applicants with a master's degree in accounting, or with a master's degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting. Some universities and colleges are now offering programs to prepare students to work in growing specialty professions such as internal auditing. Many professional associations offer continuing professional education courses, conferences, and seminars.

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